Sajco Engineering works committed to bringing innovative ideas to the customers. The trust you have placed in us is the strength of our journey forward.. The concept of a concrete septic tank was born out of the thinking of Sajco Engineering Works. We become self-sufficient in 1995 and started manufacturing and designing our own septic tank molds and machines in 1996. We are still researching in cement product manufacturing. Sajco provides 25 Years of Guarantee to our products. We don't have any sister companies. The imported OPC 53 Grade Cement is used along with other materials such as GI Rads,Extra Galvanicing coated materials,good quality M-sand,12 mm metal etc to manufacture our products.Sajco developed India's first Complete Portable toilet with Septic tank and Concrete wall.Sajco is an ISO-Certified company and have provided many supplies for the government.We uses 16 gauge materials for Steel Windows and Door.Frames were built using Heavy Duty TATA steel and provides custom built in accordance with customer needs. The products which you purchase will be delivered to your door responsibly and expeditiously .We delivers all over Kerala.

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